Friday, 20 May 2016

Ironfist Wishlist

Now I've loved Iron Fist for a long time, but as of recently I'd sort of strayed from their brand a bit. Well coming back I was NOT disappointed, they've reeled me in all over again!
I own a few of their heels and absolutely adore them, problem is as my health & joints have got worse over the past few years I haven't been able to wear them. That's probably why I hadn't given them a visit for ages. 

So here I've put together a little 9 item wish list of the things that have caught my eye on their website and I'd LOVE to own.

Starting with number 1, the Wishbone heavy sole boot (£53.99) I'm a big fan of anything with a wishbone on it, so these immediately caught my eye. They're simple but eye catching - and although they have a little height to them, they are level so aren't a problem for my troublesome ankles! Oh another thing to note with Ironfist is that all of their shoes are 100% Vegan - even the leather look ones.

Number 2 is something that always appeals to me - patterns!! It's GOT to join my collection!! This one is covered in skulls and is called the Scatterbrain Blouse. It's currently on sale from £48 down to £20, a steal! You could easily dress this one up or down - it's s versatile.

Number 3 is a pretty patterned summer dress Midnight Mermaid Dress(£39.99). Paired with tights or bare legs, boots or heels - you can really make this dress 'you'. My favourite
thing apart from the unusual funky pattern, are the strappy details on the front and back.

Number 4 couldn't be missed, a bit of nostalgia for you - CARE BEAR Grin & Bear It Flats !!! (£35.99) OMG!! 

Number 5 is this pink summery but still edgy skater dress called The Ditzy Dress (£39.99)  and as you can see from the model above - wearing it with boots and other accessories you can really change it up it to suit your personal style. 

Number 6 is me all over, patterns and it's all black. Point out to me where exactly you can go wrong here !?? I'm loving the name of it too .. The Batty Dress (£48.99) haha! *sorry that's the child in me*  A simple LBD with a mesh overlay patterned with cute little bats ! 

Number 7 isn't something I'd wear every day but it's probably one of my favourite things on this wish list. Lily Maxi Dress (£43.99) Just as their website says it'd be perfect for summer  nights, a silky sultry feel with a sexy little peephole. Who could say no? Not me

Number 8 I had to have a bag in here somewhere, it's the Last Impression Handbang (£47.99)  A simple black crossover bag with a Calavera (sugar skull) embossed on the front, not forgetting the cute little pom poms that come attached for that added bit of sass! Perfect everyday bag.

Number 9 last but not least is The Death Breath Dress (£48.99) Another dress ideal for Summer - a light and breezy midi with instead of what looks like a floral pattern is actually tiny skulls. Of course not forgetting the usual skeletal overlaid print - it really stands out from the typical summer prints you see out and about everywhere.

Check out for more tempting purchases - but prepare to empty your purse!

Jamie xox 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Lonely Dark Room Named Pain

Pain. Pain is one of the most isolating things in the world. No matter how you describe your pain, or try to help someone understand what it feels like, you can't. From a pin prick to the most agonsing pain you can imagine – even that will differ from person to person. Simply because we've all experienced different levels of it, and we all have different pain thresholds. Even if our pain for something was exactly the same, we'd never have any way of knowing. Now I may seem like I'm stating the obvious but when you think about it, pain really is indescribable. This isn't usually a big issue for most people, but when you're someone who suffers with chronic pain, from a chronic condition/illness like I and many others do, it can be the most frustratingly desolate thing in the world.

Pain is lonely and the best way I can describe it as a whole is makes you feel as if you're trapped in a tiny prison. A suffocating, dark room, with no doors, no windows, everything seals you inside. All apart from a tiny crack in the wall, the faintest stream of light flickers through – it seems just big enough to call through to people on the outside, an opportunity to cry for help, or explain to them how you're feeling. To really make them understand so it's that little bit easier to cope with. To no avail. And sometimes you may get someone on the outside calling through to you, but no matter how loud either of you shout, how long you try, you just can't get through. But if you're lucky enough you'll find someone who, although they can't get to you and your pain, they can't ever fully understand what it's like or take it away. They'll sit just outside that crack in the wall, and they'll never leave. They may not understand your pain, but they'll be with you in some sense.

I find that when dealing with pain the best advice I can give is if you are lucky enough to have a supportive network whether it be just one person or a whole group of people, who are willing to and doing their best to be supportive. The best thing to do is to make sure you don't let that horrible darkness engulf you and make you feel like you're all alone, so much so that you end up pushing those people away and isolating yourself further. Doctors can hand out painkiller after painkiller, which all have side effects for which you'll end up needing more pills to fix. Physically and medically pills may help your pain, but when you're suffering on a constant basis, as I've said it can make you feel alone, upset and just really down in the dumps, and that's horrible on top of everything else. So having someone around to take the weight off, ease the burden or just talk to about, can really be just as helpful as any pill.

I could have easily written this describing how much pain I suffer with on a day to day basis, what it stops me doing, how it effects my life. Although it would maybe have opened a few eyes as to how someone who looks completely healthy can be the complete opposite. It wouldn't really have achieved anything for me, apart from getting it off my chest. But I have people I can do that with. This way I thought maybe it would let anyone reading know that if you're in the same boat as I or experiencing something similar. You're not alone. I understand, maybe not your exact pain but I understand what it can do to your head, how it can – if you let it, change you as a person, and mould you into someone you don't want to be. Please don't let that horrible dark room of pain win, there's always other people on the outside. You're never alone.

If you are reading this and are feeling lonely – Don't underestimate people around you, sometimes you just need to start the conversation. Of course you can always send me a message and I'll do my best to try to understand or lend you a listening ear.

All my love

Jamie xox

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

30 Random Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Me

  • I am most definitely an early bird – most people are grouchy when they get up in the morning and then perk up during the day, I'm the total opposite.
  • I'm a tinsy 5"2
  • I love stationary and notebooks, lists especially, a list notebook? Now you're talking!
  • I'm always cold, so I love the sun. It makes me feel healthier and happier – so a hot destination is always my first choice of holiday.
  • I've broken a lot of bones, and I mean a lot. At least 10 different places in my body numerous times – all down to my condition but I'll talk about that more later.
  • I've got tiny size 3 feet!
  • I am hyper-mobile/double jointed
  • I HATE maths or anything to do with numbers – ugh
  • I love visiting new places with Dave, they're our little adventures, no matter how obscure random or small the place is
  • I love getting new piercings and tattoos – every time is like it's my birthday!
  • I LOVE Paris – it will always hold a special place in my heart, it's where Dave took me as a surprise for my first birthday spent with him and then 4 years later where he proposed to me!
  • I'm 1 of 4 siblings
  • My favourite tv show to watch over and over again is The Big Bang Theory
  • I hate cheese – yes I know I'm in the minority here but it smells like vomit !!
  • I'm deadly allergic to general anaesthetic 
  • I love makeup – but for me, not anyone else. It's amazing how you can paint on a healthy happy glow even when you're feeling like absolute dirt inside :(
  • My eyesight is getting worse as I get older – to the point I can't see peoples faces properly in the street, but I won't ever wear contacts – don't try to convince me!
  • I'm never late
  • I have Misophonia, I cannot stand the sound of people chewing, swallowing, picking or tapping things
  • Okay weird one here; I like smelling my dogs head – she just smells so good!
  • My favourite brand of footwear ? Dr Martens .. so y'know if you're ever stuck for what to get me for Christmas or my birthday ;)
  • I talk too fast – I'm very aware of it, but just can't seem to slow down no matter how hard I try, so just try to keep up ;)
  • I can't stand the taste of coffee - I'm most definitely a tea person
  • I love photography and learning new things about it
  • I have a whippet called Pepper <3 - she is my baby ! Don't try and tell me otherwise
  • I am a massive animal lover, dogs in particular are my weakness. I could be in the middle of a very important conversation or in a massive rush somewhere but if I see a dog, I won't hesitate to stop and try to make friends.
  • I'm a born & bred East London girl!
  • I think potatoes have to be my favourite food
  • I have one undying celebrity crush that hasn't changed since I was about 14 - Brendon Urie from Panic At The Disco , (who just happen to be my number 1 fav band of all time!) 
  • Biggest fears ? Has to be the dentist, open water and insects (especially the flying kind -- yuck)
Jamie xox

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Fresh Start

Hey! Welcome to Jamie Loo Loves! I'm starting this blog completely fresh! A fresh new look and feel,I want this to be my little corner of the internet that I can really say is mine. I want it to reflect my personality and be a place I can really say is me. Nothing fancy, nothing flashy - just me.

I've had blogs in the past where I've not known where I was going or what I was doing with. I don't want to tar it with one brush and call myself a beauty blogger, and don't want to say I'll just be using it as a diary type blog. I suppose I'll fall under the category of a lifestyle blogger because I want it to be about me and my life, things I love (hence the name), maybe don't love and things I think the world just has to know about!

I'm not sure where I'll end up, who'll read it (if anyone) or how often I'll post, but what I do know is I'm going to stay true to myself and shine a light on my life! So be prepared for lots of talk on makeup, photos of my dog and paragraphs of rants and raves.

I can't wait to get started ! :)

Jamie <3