Friday, 20 May 2016

Ironfist Wishlist

Now I've loved Iron Fist for a long time, but as of recently I'd sort of strayed from their brand a bit. Well coming back I was NOT disappointed, they've reeled me in all over again!
I own a few of their heels and absolutely adore them, problem is as my health & joints have got worse over the past few years I haven't been able to wear them. That's probably why I hadn't given them a visit for ages. 

So here I've put together a little 9 item wish list of the things that have caught my eye on their website and I'd LOVE to own.

Starting with number 1, the Wishbone heavy sole boot (£53.99) I'm a big fan of anything with a wishbone on it, so these immediately caught my eye. They're simple but eye catching - and although they have a little height to them, they are level so aren't a problem for my troublesome ankles! Oh another thing to note with Ironfist is that all of their shoes are 100% Vegan - even the leather look ones.

Number 2 is something that always appeals to me - patterns!! It's GOT to join my collection!! This one is covered in skulls and is called the Scatterbrain Blouse. It's currently on sale from £48 down to £20, a steal! You could easily dress this one up or down - it's s versatile.

Number 3 is a pretty patterned summer dress Midnight Mermaid Dress(£39.99). Paired with tights or bare legs, boots or heels - you can really make this dress 'you'. My favourite
thing apart from the unusual funky pattern, are the strappy details on the front and back.

Number 4 couldn't be missed, a bit of nostalgia for you - CARE BEAR Grin & Bear It Flats !!! (£35.99) OMG!! 

Number 5 is this pink summery but still edgy skater dress called The Ditzy Dress (£39.99)  and as you can see from the model above - wearing it with boots and other accessories you can really change it up it to suit your personal style. 

Number 6 is me all over, patterns and it's all black. Point out to me where exactly you can go wrong here !?? I'm loving the name of it too .. The Batty Dress (£48.99) haha! *sorry that's the child in me*  A simple LBD with a mesh overlay patterned with cute little bats ! 

Number 7 isn't something I'd wear every day but it's probably one of my favourite things on this wish list. Lily Maxi Dress (£43.99) Just as their website says it'd be perfect for summer  nights, a silky sultry feel with a sexy little peephole. Who could say no? Not me

Number 8 I had to have a bag in here somewhere, it's the Last Impression Handbang (£47.99)  A simple black crossover bag with a Calavera (sugar skull) embossed on the front, not forgetting the cute little pom poms that come attached for that added bit of sass! Perfect everyday bag.

Number 9 last but not least is The Death Breath Dress (£48.99) Another dress ideal for Summer - a light and breezy midi with instead of what looks like a floral pattern is actually tiny skulls. Of course not forgetting the usual skeletal overlaid print - it really stands out from the typical summer prints you see out and about everywhere.

Check out for more tempting purchases - but prepare to empty your purse!

Jamie xox 

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